One change you should know for every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 — part two

January 16, 2019

Steven "Dreamking" Chavez chimes in yet again as we close out the second half of our Street Fighter 5 Season 4 character change commentary. Hear about some of the most significant changes for each of the fighters listed below.


01:14 - Quick Kage thoughts
06:34 - Karin
13:09 - Ken
23:31 - Kolin
30:18 - Laura
37:15 - M. Bison
41:59 - Menat
50:30 - Nash
55:27 - Rashid
1:06:02 - Ryu
1:15:33 - Sagat
1:23:19 - Sakura
1:31:11 - Urien
1:34:59 - Vega
1:42:48 - Zangief
1:50:01 - Zeku


One change you should know for every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 part one

January 9, 2019

We're back at it with another episode of the EventHubs Podcast, this week welcoming Mr. Steven "Dreamking" Chavez onto the show to help us go down the list of Street Fighter 5 characters and discuss at least one significant change that's happened for every last fighter... sans R. Mika and Necalli since they didn't really get much.


3:53 - Abigail
15:01 - Akuma
19:23 - Alex
25:29 - Balrog
29:14 - Birdie
33:05 - Blanka
41:38 - Cammy
46:34 - Chun-Li
49:44 - Mid range game general buffs to SF5?
56:19 - Cody
1:01:42 - Dhalsim
1:07:54 - Ed
1:11:53 - F.A.N.G
1:17:53 - Falke
1:22:28 - G
1:35:17 - Guile
1:38:26 - Ibuki
1:42:56 - Juri


Fallen off the cliff, or climbing up it: The biggest changes to the SF5 tiers in Season 4 we’ve seen so far

January 2, 2019

Catalyst and I list off the fighters we feel like went through the most significant changes to determine which characters have risen up and which characters have fallen off now that we're here in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5? Plus crossplay is an ever growing topic of discussion, but it might not be as easy for fighting games as you'd hope. Harada's new promotion should help end the Dragon Ball FighterZ issues, fight money is missing both in SF5 and in real life and plenty more.


00:45 - Crossplay: Will it happen next console generation? Why might it not happen?
13:08 - Moving from PS4 to PS4 Pro to help with lag
18:05 - Crowdfunding in the FGC
27:01 - FGC payout problems
32:19 - Harada's fancy new promotion
35:33 - Sponsored content returns to SF5 in Japan
39:56 - FM dwindles in SF5
45:01 - Street Fighter 5 gameplay better than ever?
54:57 - Which SF5 characters are seeing the biggest tier movements in Season 4?



Why risking nothing in Street Fighter 5 can cost you everything; plus Dragon Ball FighterZ tourney stoppages, Season 4 week one reactions and more

December 26, 2018

We drop a bit of science into the well of randomness to try to answer the age old question of When's the right time to rip that invincible reversal? Also, Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments keep getting shut down, Ryu isn't getting shut down as much as he used to, Kage will make you a better player but might not get you better results, SF5 may or may not be on its last leg and more.


02:15 - Is this the beginning of the end for SF5? (Capcom option selects the FGC)
11:00 - Dragon Ball FighterZ... a one and done?
21:31 - Dead or Alive 6 is rated M... still sexy... no surprise
25:06 - Has Ryu become a good character?
33:46 - Why not play Akuma instead?
36:37 - How's Kage one week into the grind?
44:44 - How's Necalli in Season 4? (Character crisis, Poongko's bathroom story and more)
55:30 - Are Alex, Zangief and other buffed characters becoming viable? (Top players are tier whores)
1:03:13 - People are inspired to play new characters, that's a success on Capcom's part
1:04:13 - Juri didn't change, but that's okay
1:09:29 - SF5 morale seems to be increasing since Capcom Cup
1:12:56 - Why risking nothing in SF5 can cost you everything (Better understanding risk and reward)


We discuss if this is the final season of Street Fighter 5, Season 4 tiers shake ups, attending Capcom Cup live and more

December 20, 2018

Support for Street Fighter 5 is... changing in 2019, MajinTenshinhan joins Catalyst and I to discuss what exactly that could entail, then we jump into patch notes for what used to be the game's strongest characters, share Capcom Cup experiences and take a closer look at Kage on this edition of the EventHubs Podcast


00:24 - Capcom drops the Capbomb... Support for SF5 may be dwindling in 2019 (with special guest MajinTenshinhan)
58:23 - Season 4 changes for top tiers - Akuma
1:02:17 - Menat changes and thoughts (and some Necalli)
1:15:40 - Abigail changes and thoughts
1:22:30 - Cammy changes and thoughts
1:26:47 - Guile changes and thoughts
1:31:28 - Rashid thoughts and changes
1:37:58 - Ibuki choughts and thanges
1:44:15 - Evil-er Ryu... initial reactions to Kage


Who we think will win Capcom Cup, eSports ads invade Street Fighter 5, less than graceful acceptance speeches, early Smash Ultimate thoughts

December 12, 2018

Sonic Fox wins eSports player of the year for the FGC but gets awkwardly political during his acceptance speech, Mortal Kombat 11 has been officially revealed but people can't seem stop talking about the music choice in the trailer, Street Fighter 5 adds ads directly into the gameplay experience, Catalyst and I go through our first round predictions for Capcom Cup and more, but before all that we kick things off with a special guest interview with our very own Adaptive Trigger as he helps us tackle the worldwide phenomenon that is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this episode of the EventHubs Podcast.

00:38 - Adaptive Trigger on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
21:52 - Catalyst calls it "The Pod" again...
28:29 - Ads in Street Fighter 5 a good thing or potentially dangerous?
43:35 - Sonic Fox wins eSports player of the year... but gives a cringe worthy acceptance speech
49:16 - Mortal Kombat 11 looks awesome... but sux becuz muzak
58:15 - Samurai Shodown aiming for Mature rating
1:00:15 - Waking up at 8 a.m. is too damn early
1:06:50 - Capcom Cup first round (and overall winner) predictions


What remain the most broken parts of Street Fighter 5 and how do we change them in Season 4?

December 5, 2018

What are the most broken parts of Street Fighter 5 and how do we change them heading into Season 4? Plus Bandai kills it with the Tekken World Tour Finals and some very impressive Tekken 7 reveals, and yes, that includes Negan. Also Smash Ultimate is just days away from officially hitting shelves, a Capcom Cup player very well may not make it to the event, how to get your friends to play fighting games and more.

01:07 - Why Catalyst is DEFINITELY gonna win the Last Chance Qualifier at Capcom Cup
03:20 - SF5 keeps humbling me
14:46 - Tekken Reveals for the ages (the new art of the DLC reveal)
18:37 - Negan - why some didn't like it, but why it was also a very strong (and decently executed) move by Bandai
25:16 - DAAAA BEARS (Rangchu wins TWT Finals with low-tier Panda)
30:03 - Tekken the most hype fighting game to watch right now?
34:45 - Smash Ultimate is about to drop
41:40 - The archetypal appeal of fighting games
47:09 - Crossover's sad situation
51:13 - Netcode improvements and new story mode coming to SF5?
1:00:46 - Abigail's bonkers set up
1:03:46 - The most broken remaining parts of SF5
1:11:18 - Balancing the V-System with Skills, Triggers and Reversals all in mind
1:22:14 - V-Triggers that are 2 bars that should be 3 bars
1:26:44 - R. Mika's design issues


Changes we’re hoping to see in Super Street Fighter 5, why crossplay needs to be the standard moving forward, Nintendo hunts down YouTubers and more

November 29, 2018

Super Street Fighter 5 may be on the way, but what kind of specific changes might the game see? Plus Nintendo has unleashed the copyright hounds on YouTubers that have posted early access Smash Ultimate content, Catalyst has made a major SF5 transition that he may be just a tad regretful about, I have a report about a very exciting breakthrough in my local FGC and more here on episode 27 of the EH podcast.


01:00 - What perks does playing on PC offer? Catalyst transitions to the PC master race and it's the best thing ever... with a few exceptions
16:21 - Crossplay needs to be the standard, up your game, Sony
18:46 - Dragon Ball FighterZ gets a balance patch
27:12 - FEXL and KOF14 also getting balance patches, new characters revealed for Jump Force
31:07 - The AZ FGC's exciting recent breakthrough
38:14 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks, Nintendo strikes back
52:34 - Super Street Fighter 5 en route? What kinds of major changes do we hope/think we'll see?
57:45 - New V-System changes?


Let’s talk about the Infiltration situation, how Cammy is even better than she was a month ago, how sponsorships are dissolving left and right an more

November 21, 2018

Infiltration is leaving competitive fighting games for the rest of 2018 and 2019, Panda Global has released both video and written statements of their findings with Korean player's situation, plus Capcom trolls us all with Confetti, Cammy appears to be even better than she used to be, Chris T says sayonara to Daigo's sponsorship and more on this episode of the EventHubs Podcast

00:27 - What we're thankful for
06:32 - We hate confetti - Red Bull tournament "teaser"
10:03 - X-Kira claims double reveal at Capcom Cup
18:39 - Red Bull Conquest was kind of crap
23:44 - More Cammy wins after the input lag patch?
30:00 - Echo Fox ditches most of their fighting game roster
36:38 - Chris T ditches Daigo/CYG
47:41 - The Infiltration situation
1:05:48 - People aren't complaining about SF5 as much anymore


It’s time to stop shaming online warriors, start teaching fighting games properly, Bonchan fibs, the Murderface has a demon of his own and more

November 14, 2018

Tokido is the best Street Fighter player in the world right now, and ProblemX keeps beating him. Bonchan is a big fat liar, Sonic Fox is still stupid good at every fighting game ever, and we think Capcom is going to have a pretty rough time balancing Abigail in Season 4. Plus we take a close look at what might be the biggest reason people don't stick with fighting games like they do other eSports genres on today's episode of the EventHubs Podcast

00:42 - Sonic Fox can still Injustice pretty well
05:36 - Javits' Season 3 tier list - Blanka, Cody, G, Sagat, Sakura, Falke
18:40 - What makes some characters easier to play online than others?
24:21 - We need to stop seeing online play in such a negative light
32:31 - ProblemX keeps beating Tokido
41:35 - Rose is probably showing up at the North American Regional Finals this weekend
44:30 - The least hype pop off ever
45:21 - Problematic V-Triggers, Abigail, and why he's not very well designed... how do you even begin to             balance him?
1:05:36 - Bonchan goes back on his Sagat promise
1:12:14 - Are Street Fighter players jumping ship for Dragon Ball FighterZ?
1:20:55 - Prima is closing up shop
1:22:56 - Teaching fighting games correctly so that people stick with them