No Street Fighter 5 announcement at Final Round 2019, let’s discuss why, how the community is reacting, and where we should go from here

March 18, 2019

Final Round 2019 has come and gone, and we still have no word on Capcom's plans for Street Fighter 5's Season 4 DLC characters beyond Kage. The community is upset, we're a bit upset, but what do we make of all this? Let's take a step back, a deep breath, and talk about it.


00:24 - Welcome to hell
04:00 - Catalyst's theory as to why we haven't gotten an announcement in three months
08:14 - Is it time to temper expectations?
22:27 - What's probably going on at Capcom HQ?
40:04 - What's on the horizon, what's in front of us, and where should our focus be?
46:21 - Final Round was a huge success, SF5 clearly has an audience, maybe we shouldn't let ourselves fall into doom and gloom mode

What’s the likelihood of new characters and new V-Skills being revealed at Final Round? Chances for Marvel vs. Capcom 4 get better and more

March 13, 2019

Final Round is this coming weekend, what will the kick off for the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour bring with it? New Street Fighter 5 characters perhaps? Recent data mining reports hint that five more fighters might be en route this year, as well as all new V-Skills, we discuss the many possibilities of what such an update could bring to the table. Plus Bandai Namco blows things out of the water with a newly revamped Tekken World Tour, Street Fighter ads are back and much better this time around, there's a stronger chance than ever for a Marvel vs. Capcom 4, a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter crossover probably shouldn't ever happen and more.


1:01 - Street Fighter 5 data mining, six characters this year?
4:20 - Second V-Skills, what might that do to the game?
18:09 - Which Street Fighter series do people love most? (Poll results)
24:41 - Ed Boon's fighting game fantasy crossover Twitter question
29:44 - Why we often discuss MK vs. SF, but don't actually want it to happen
37:31 - Disney finishing Fox acquisition - what it means for a potential MvC4
46:09 - Tekken's fancy new Pro Tour, now with more money and more events!
54:06 - Ads are back in SF5, but they're actually pretty good now
58:20 - Urien is the most popular character in the CFN stats, is he the ultimate scrub lord character?
1:06:21 - Final Round is this weekend. Almost every top competitor in attendance, character announcements en route? What should we expect? (What if they didn't reveal anything at all?)

How Street Fighter 5 has massively leveled up, how Ono definitely isn’t hinting Honda, how a dress saved women in eSports and more

March 6, 2019

The last bastion holding girls back from getting into gaming has fallen thanks to a fancy new eSports dress, Mortal Kombat 11 is leaking all over the place, Masahiro Sakurai works too damn hard, Ono senpai noticed us (to tell us we were wrong), we take a look at the turbulent but somehow promising story of Street Fighter 5 and more on this week's episode of the EH podcast

00:41 - The eSports dress that's going to save the world
05:55 - eFightPass
08:36 - Sakurai grinds harder than you do
12:33 - Dead or Alive 6 is officially available, but how exactly did it turn out? Porno pass?
21:06 - Negan in T7 - a job well done on multiple fronts
27:25 - Ono's Honda Tweet that wasn't a Honda tweet but also might be a Honda tweet...
39:57 - Sunday EVO finals lineup (No DBFZ or MK11?)
43:43 - Mortal Kombat 11 leaks
49:28 - Capcom is going hard in the eSports paint (what does that say about SF5?)
56:40 - The Evolution of SF5
1:21:20 - USF4's Omega Mode as a precursor to SF5
1:22:55 - Final Round is coming, what are we expecting?
1:24:32 - RIP Excellent Adventures

We have a new Final Fight front runner for Street Fighter 5 Season 4 DLC, Melee doesn’t make the EVO line up, Marvel vs. Capcom 4 rumors and more

February 27, 2019

Capcom communicates! The company brings us new Pro Tour DLC content along with future dates to expect further announcements. The EVO 2019 lineup has been revealed and Super Smash Bros. Melee is not on it. Plus Nintendo shows a bit more eSports interest, Johnny Cage is back and older than ever, Marvel 4 might be on the horizon according to some not so cryptic tweets by Filipino Champ and we explain why we think a Final Fight character is more than likely en route to SF5.

01:37 - Capcom and their fancy new announcements
06:52 - Jon is a big fat "CPT FANATIC"
14:55 - Patch changes and good attention to detail
16:53 - Johnny Cage is old (in a good way)
21:33 - EVO lineup, no Melee... why SamSho and UNIST?
32:34 - Nintendo getting more into eSports?
45:15 - FChamp is talking Marvel 4 again
52:36 - DOA6 Demo has 8 frames of input lag... no one cares
53:44 - Gameplay lesson from EVO Japan: Playing more to manipulate your opponent then hit them
1:01:04 - Final Fight bread crumbs... why we think there's a good chance a certain FF character is en route

Why do we find it so cool to hate on Street Fighter 5? Plus EVO’s ‘core values’ incident, Bayonetta X Mortal Kombat and more

February 21, 2019

Why is it so cool to hate on Street Fighter 5? Catalyst and I take a deeper dive into the particulars of why so many like to hate on a title they continue to play. Plus Team Ninja surprises EVO Japan staff by doing the thing they always do, new characters seem to be rising to the top of the SF5 competitive scene, which games might and might not be at EVO 2019 and more.

00:57 - New costumes for SF5
10:15 - "Bayonetta X Mortal Kombat?"
14:05 - Which games are going to make and be cut from the EVO line up?
29:26 - Team Ninja, EVO, boobs, Mr. Wizard, McRibs
44:35 - Why I don't want my wish list characters to come to SF5 as DLC anymore
48:39 - Cammy wasn't the most popular character at EVO Japan
55:12 - Jyobin... chaos reigns
1:00:28 - Why Birdie might actually be a tippy top tier
1:15:52 - Why do people love to hate SF5?

Are people underselling how technical of a game Street Fighter 5 is? We discuss how it stacks up with other games in the franchise

February 14, 2019

Where does Street Fighter 5 rank in terms of technicality when compared to other franchise entries? Catalyst and I have differing opinions, and try to hash out a definitive answer. Plus, Blanka has a goofy glitch that is surprisingly not too upsetting, Sony makes a statement about why they're not attending E3, Nintendo isn't quite satisfied with selling 12 million copies of Smash Ultimate, and more


01:35 - Jump Force doesn't look gud
09:36 - Blanka glitch, good times?
15:36 - Capcom says "Street Fighter 5's story isn't over yet"
17:09 - SF5 sells 700k more copies
24:46 - Why Sony is skipping E3 (are they full of it, or is this the start of a new trend?)
33:30 - Mortal Kombat 11 leaks galore
37:24 - Japan think Birdie is top tier, and they might be right
51:02 - Final Fight's movie magic inspiration
57:32 - Nintendo not satisfied with 15 million in Smash Ultimate sales
1:00:21 - Technicality in the Street Fighter series

Why solid characters don’t make the cut in Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat’s Kombat Kast sets them apart, Hungrybox gets undeserved hate and more

February 6, 2019

Why being a strong character in Street Fighter 5 isn't good enough, you have to be broken! Mortal Kombat 11 continues their wave of good PR with multiple hype reveals, Capcom's IR report shows that they're putting a lot of eggs in the eSports basket, the 2019 Pro Tour is officially announced, Luffy releases a controversial "character carry" tier list, Dakota Darkhorse Hills joins us to talk consoles, Shaggy and more

1:30 - Kombat Kast reveals (Kabal, D'Vorah)
8:37 - NRS vs. Capcom
12:08 - Genesis 6 success, over 150,000 viewers on Sunday, HungryBox hate
21:31 - CPT 2019 revealed, changed around a bit from previous years
31:51 - Capcom's latest IR Report has lots of eSports, no Street Fighter 5
39:00 - Metacritic gives Capcom very high marks
42:33 - Dakota on Ultra Instinct Shaggy in MK11
47:41 - Next generation consoles, timelines, cross-play and more
59:00 - Street Fighter 5... free to play soon?
1:10:52 - Strong isn't good enough in SF5
1:21:20 - Luffy's "character carry' tier list

Why the Dragon Ball FighterZ leak got less heat than Street Fighter 5’s did, Team Ninja jabs Capcom, Smash drama at Genesis and more

January 30, 2019

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a stellar weekend with a very hype World Tour Finals followed by new character reveals and patch notes that look to better the game, but that's not to say that things went off without a hitch. A Dead or Alive 6 developer hits Street Fighter 5 with a bit of a low blow, the Super Smash Bros. community really doesn't like penguins and we're now a full month and a half into SF5's "soon silence."

*Special guest MajinTenshinhan joins*


01:13 - Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals - Fenrich is a beast
11:43 - DBFZ leaks four hours early (why aren't we as mad at Bandai as we were at Capcom?)
18:44 - Patch notes, will the updates make the game better?
39:06 - Genesis, Super Smash Bros. and Penguins (Leffen's beef with tournament seeding)
52:37 - Dead or Alive 6's Director jabs SF5; DOA6 PR not the best?
1:05:47 - When might we hear something about SF5?



How Mortal Kombat 11 murdered its reveal and why Street Fighter 5 feels like a sinking ship right now

January 23, 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 comes out guns blazing, Dreamking recounts his experiences at the reveal event and we delve into all the juicy details from presentation to gameplay for this exciting upcoming title. Then Catalyst joins as we discuss Nintendo's new Smash Bros. tournament endeavor, Street Fighter's new tournament endeavor, Dragon Ball's ending tournament endeavor and why SF5 feels like a sinking ship to me right now on the latest episode of the eh podcast


02:44 - Steven's immediate thoughts on the MK11 reveal production
04:54 - Top tier visuals
07:48 - NRS games have felt janky in recent years, how does MK11 stack up?
10:14 - Cinematics during gameplay... will they be too repetitive?
14:04 - The most competition-friendly NRS game yet?
22:50 - Cool down meters, a good thing?
24:50 - Amplified inputs, why Steven wasn't a huge fan (pressing back to walk forward)
31:35 - Geras reactions
32:37 - Skarlet reactions
35:02 - Steven's final thoughts
38:38 - Crossplay becoming more of a reality
44:28 - Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Online Tour
49:33 - Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour ending, Jiren coming?
51:26 - Street Fighter Pro League... teams, bans and eSports oh my!
1:01:19 - Topanga League tier list for SF5
1:08:25 - Capcom's radio silence on SF5
1:14:07 - Capcom hits home-runs in other divisions - RE2 remake, Monster Hunter
1:16:43 - Why SF5 feels like a sinking ship to me right now, and how to fix it

One change you should know for every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 — part two

January 16, 2019

Steven "Dreamking" Chavez chimes in yet again as we close out the second half of our Street Fighter 5 Season 4 character change commentary. Hear about some of the most significant changes for each of the fighters listed below.


01:14 - Quick Kage thoughts
06:34 - Karin
13:09 - Ken
23:31 - Kolin
30:18 - Laura
37:15 - M. Bison
41:59 - Menat
50:30 - Nash
55:27 - Rashid
1:06:02 - Ryu
1:15:33 - Sagat
1:23:19 - Sakura
1:31:11 - Urien
1:34:59 - Vega
1:42:48 - Zangief
1:50:01 - Zeku