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Daigo doesn’t want revenge mechanics in Street Fighter 6, but they’re probably here to stay post SF4 and SF5 success; why Rashid makes our blood boil

May 22, 2019

Street Fighter 5 breaks 3 million in sales, Daigo does not want to see revenge mechanics come back in Street Fighter 6 (which might not be utilizing the Unreal Engine) we're certain Rashid is too good, we're not certain Cammy is too good, Combo Breaker continues to push the envelope, XsK_Samurai is on fire, and more.

00:37 - Street Fighter 5 surpasses 3 million copies sold
14:42 - Daigo's wishes for SF6 (and why they'll probably never come to fruition)
28:45 - How Combo Breaker is continuing to push the envelope, leveling up the FGC for everyone
34:36 - Capcom potentially moving away from using the Unreal Engine
41:08 - Rashid of the Turbulent Douche
47:18 - Akuma's big fat crouching fierce
50:44 - The Cammy in the room
59:24 - XsK Samurai and his red hot run at SFL