EventHubs Podcast

How likely is Super Street Fighter 5? Is Samurai Shodown good? What happened to Menat’s face? Why is there a King of Fighters For Girls?

June 26, 2019

Street Fighter 5 might not be as close to its end as we thought, we discuss the possibility and likelihood of a "Super" update, and what that might mean for the game's future. Also, Samurai Shodown is officially out and we're... not exactly sure how to feel about it yet. Plus CEO is just days away, Capcom updates their Pro Tour controller rules, we can't agree on whether or not Cammy is a problem, the newest King of Fighters reveal is giving us strange feelings we don't know how to deal with... also we play fashion police.


02:31 - Possibility of Super Street Fighter 5
33:02 - CEO 2019, monster event, everyone is going, bring condoms
35:30 - Birdie falling off a bit?
43:35 - The great Cammy debate
57:30 - Samurai Shodown, good or bad?
1:06:48 - King of Fighters For Girls
1:11:21 - Capcom updates CPT controller rules
1:17:27 - Fashion Police! New Menat, Dhalsim, and Laura costumes