EventHubs Podcast

Should Daigo’s Gafro controller be banned? Should Cammy be nerfed? Should people be flipping Punk the bird? The answers lie in the EventHubs Podcast

May 29, 2019

Daigo has a controller that lets him throw Sonic Booms really efficiently, and the FGC has no idea what to think about it. Plus we have to wonder if Capcom will be giving us more than just characters for Street Fighter 5 come EVO... another balance patch perhaps? And if they do do a balance patch, they should probably consider nerfing Cammy again and they should DEFINITELY consider nerfing Rashid. Mortal Kombat 11 has a very good showing at Combo Breaker, Combo Breaker has a very good showing at Combo Breaker, Punk is showed the middle finger during his very good showing at Combo Breaker and more.


01:38 - Too much Rashid
15:18 - Is Cammy too easy to play?
25:40 - Will the SF5 EVO reveal be more than characters?
39:16 - Are you okay with Capcom's communication in 2019?
46:24 - Mortal Kombat 11 looks good at Combo Breaker, SonicFox doesn't win
55:51 - Punk unhappy with Combo Breaker heckler, Capcom addresses the issue on Twitter
1:03:16 - Daigo's Gafro stick