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Why I feel bad for Ono, how we think the future of Street Fighter 5 will play out, our one gripe with Shang Tsung, SNK cuts lag in half, and more

June 19, 2019

How will the rest of Street Fighter 5's life play out and what might it look like for Capcom to gracefully transition into Street Fighter 6? We talk about it. I'm finding myself feeling kinda bad for Yoshinori Ono these days, we talk about that too. Mortal Kombat 11 is on pace to outsell MKX, which is no small feat. SNK pulls off an impressive comeback with a speedy fix for Samurai Shodown's input lag, we only kind of agree with Dogura's SF5 tier list, we agree even less with Momochi's views on fighting game development.


01:50 - The future of Street Fighter 5
15:10 - (What we'd want to see in 2020)
21:20 - (Managing expectations via communication)
27:26 - I'm a little sad for Ono
37:50 - Samurai Shodown brings down the input lag
42:28 - MK11 on pace to outsell MKX (And our one gripe with Shang Tsung)
49:13 - Dogura's SF5 tier list is a little bit whack
1:08:51 - Momochi's thoughts on how to develop fighting games in modern times